Put it in your diarys - Willow!!

Sunday 22nd Feb will be Willow day at PlotGate!

We will be creating a beautiful "fedge" (a living willow fence/hedge) as a circular structure, which we hope will one day grow and be shaped into a beautiful dome!  This is a job for many hands as it also involved preparing the ground to limit competition from weeds, with cardboard and compost mulch... that's a lot of wheelbarrowing! 

We also need to take care of the existing coppice by cutting, replanting and mulching the willow.  It's not in great shape after a cow attack this summer, and we have decided to make the planting more dense in the hope that the leaf cover will be able to shade out more of the competing grass.  Lots of do, lots to learn and share!  A pot of lunch will be provided, but bring along some bread, cake and other accompaniments if you wish!


See you there! xx

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